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Fully restored late 18th century white-pine and oak, v-notched, hand-hewn federal style log home - with center chimney and fireplace.

Humble Restorations - Reclaimed Antique Architecture

I am Clark Lewin. I am Humble Restorations. I disassemble, repair, and reassemble antique architecture. I have played a role in relocating 20 Early-American structures. I have hewed every log in the Meadow Lark Garden log cabin in Washington D.C. I have riven split shake roofs in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania. I have built homes for movie stars and busines moguls. I am currently building an 18th Century Log Tavern. When this work is done I am going to build you an Mid-19th Century Gristmill. I am blessed to do this work. I am not a computer guy. Pictures do not do my work justice and there is no way to explain the level of detail I take in my work on a website. I do not raze old buildings and saw them up for flooring; I save them and let them live on with all of their history intact. If you are reading this it is because you hold ancient primitive massive hewn timbers in high regards. If you do, let us begin work on the Gristmill I am offering to build.


Humble Restorations
9547 Horse Valley Rd.
East Waterford, PA 17021

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