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North Las Vegas, Nevada Water Damage, Mold Remediation and Fire Damage Repair and Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration

Emergency Water Damage Restoration and Water Remediation services in North Las Vegas, Nevada.
When an emergency or disaster strikes, call our 24-hour, 7-day a week response team in North Las Vegas. Our experts will be your site within 30 minutes.

North Las Vegas, Nevada, 89030 Water Damage Restoration | Water extraction | Water Removal Services

When you experience water damage loss in your home or office, trust our experienced professionals at Humble Restorations to put you back to normal as fast as possible and with the least disruption in your life or business. We provide emergency start to finish water damage restoration services in North Las Vegas, Nevada starting with a thorough assessment of the damage to utilizing our perfect equipment to extract water from your home and at the end our repair, cleaning and deodorization services. When you have water damage emergency, restoration efforts by an experienced specialist using the proper equipment such as air movers, air scrubbers, turbo dryers, dehumidifiers, disinfectants and more are essential and necessary to bring your home or office back to initial condition.

There is a 48 to 72-hour window required to effectively inhibit the onset of mold and mildew created by water damage. At Humble Restorations in North Las Vegas, 89030, our experts can be on site within 30 minutes to assess water damage and get started immediately to effectively prevent more damage to your home or office. Sewage leaks require extra steps to prevent toxins and bacteria so that they do not contaminate the environment.

We can manage all your needs properly and professionally. Our technicians and skilled professionals, based in North Las Vegas, Nevada, have years of experience in the matter of drying and water flooding cleanup. Additionally, we have all the required monitoring instruments that can detect the presence of moisture, even if they are behind the wall, under floors, or out of site elsewhere. Only after adequate testing with these peculiarly sensitive instruments can you be sure that your home is thoroughly dried out and safe from potential build up of mold, mildew, and other microorganisms.

Humble Restorations in North Las Vegas,  Nevada has special air movers that direct large volumes of air along the floors, walls and carpets to speed up the drying time. We also have commercial dehumidifiers that may be needed when conditions in the home are humid and drying the air becomes highly important.

Humble Restorations in North Las Vegas, Nevada, 89030 Water Damage 24/7 Emergency Services

Our Process

Our Simple Water Damage Process Will Get Your Apartment or Studio back to Initial Condition Effectively and Quickly!

  • Damage Assessment
  • Water Extraction
  • Drying
  • Debris Cleanup & Sanitation

Mold Remediation and Removal

North Las Vegas, Nevada Mold Remediation and Mold Abatement. If you find mold in your home or suspect that you may have some, we understand the importance of removing toxic mold from that area. Contact North Las Vegas, 89030 Mold Remediation 24/7 Emergency Services Today.

24/7 Emergency Mold Remediation Services, On Site within 30 Minutes at North Las Vegas, Nevada!

Humble Restorations Mold Remediation and Mold Abatement Remediation in North Las Vegas, 89030

Are you buying a new home and would like a mold checkup? Or, are you or a family component suffering from indoor allergies and want to know the cause? Have you recently had a water leak or flooding occurs? Has ground water or rain water gotten into your home? Are your Familiars safe in their home environment?

Humble Restorations is a full service mold remediation and water damage cleanup company in North Las Vegas,  Nevada specializing in home and studios. If you find mold in your home or suspect that you may have some, we understand the importance of removing toxic mold from that area.

Our skilled team is trained to study the damage with moisture meters and special equipments to find every trace of mold in your home so that we can effectively discover out the problem and maintain a healthy living environment for you and your family. Waiting when you suspect or find mold is never a good choice as mold will spread and make your home or office a toxic living or working environment.

Mold is most commonly found in walls, crawl spaces, carpets, ceilings, basements and other places where fluids may have access to it. Many of different molds exist and many of those have been proven to be extremely hazardous to not only your home or office but most importantly, to you, your family or your worker’s health.

Our Process

  • Assessment Of Mold & Mildew
  • Mold Removal
  • Decontamination
  • Mold, Spore Air, Surface Testing
  • Dehumidification
  • Prompt & Professional Service
  • Extract Water
  • Air Testing
  • Test For Black Mold
  • Only The Best Equipment Used
  • Environmentally Safe Products

Fire and smoke damage restoration

Emergency Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and services in North Las Vegas, Nevada.
When an emergency or disaster strikes, call our 24-hour, 7-day a week response team in North Las Vegas. Our experts will be your site within 30 minutes. Call Today for quote.

We are # 1 Fire Damage Restoration Company Proudly Serving North Las Vegas, Nevada, 89030

Restoration Fire and Smoke Damage can be physically and emotionally devastating. The aftermath of a fire can usually mean months of repair to the structure and it may temporarily remove the occupants from their home or business. Smoke odors penetrate the structure and contents while layers of soot blanket everything within its reach. The contents and structure often suffer further damage by chemicals and water used to control and eventually extinguishes the fire.

The Damage to Furniture and Contents needs immediate attention. While on site, furniture and contents may continue to absorb odors and soot residues. Humble Restoration has the ability to professionally move your furniture and contents to our secure cleaning facilities where they can be inspected, cleaned, restored, or refinished to a pre-loss condition.

Odors from the Smoke and Soot can be absorbed by almost any surface or material. This fact is especially true if the surface or material is porous. Fabrics, wood, concrete, etc. can all trap and hold odors. We utilizes EPA approved products and ozone to remove or neutralize bad odors as a result of a fire.

We understand the drying, cleaning and deodorizing characteristics of a wide variety of carpet, walls, upholstery, flooring, fabrics and everything found in a typical home. We can quickly determine what can be restored, how to do it, and then get it done

Our Complete & Thorough Process of Water Damage Restoration in North Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Assessment Of Damage
  • Water Extraction
  • Dehumidification
  • Surface Drying
  • Decontaminate Areas
  • Debris Removal
  • Prompt & Professional
  • Sanitize Affected Areas
  • Flood Cleanup
  • Sewage
  • Cleanup
  • Latest Equipment Used
  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • Crawl Space Cleanup
  • Damaged Carpet Removal
  • Air Cleansing
  • I.I.C.R.C Certified, Licensed Technicians
  • On Site Within 30 Minutes
  • Disinfecting
  • Basement Drying

Water Damage Cleanup Assessment

We start our process by assessing any flood damage or water damage before starting.

Water Extraction

The 2nd step we adhere to is to drain all the water inside the home or office thoroughly. This is the start of the water damage or flood damage restoration.


Once water has been extracted using our special equipment, we carefully dry contents and walls inside your home, while checking for bacterial growth, and removing all odors, mold, mildew, dirt, and dust in the home. This is the most important step in the process because mold and mildew if not properly removed can have serious health considerations as well as cause structural hazards.

Water Cleanup / Flood Cleanup

Once those steps have been thoroughly accomplished, our expert team removes any contaminated debris! When everything is cleaned up, your water damaged area will look brand new!

Our Other Restoration Services in North Las Vegas

Wet Carpet Extraction and Cleaning in North Las Vegas, Nevada

Wet Carpet Extraction in North Las Vegas, Nevada:

Getting water or other liquids in your carpet can cause some serious problems if not handeled properly. Time is a criticle factor when dealing with a wet carpet. It is Important to make sure that you get competent professionals with the most powerful and up to date extraction equipment.

Most wet vac’s do not have enough power to extract the majority of water in the carpet and padding to prevent mold from starting to grow in your carpet and carpet pad. With todays modern extraction equipment, the amount of moisture put’s the carpet in a condition where it can be dried before mold starts into it’s growth.

After the water is extracted, we use several other methods to complete the dry out process in a controlled enviorment to inhibit mold growth.

Calling a professional as soon as you can is criticle for successful extraction and mold prevention.

Air Duct Cleaning in North Las Vegas, Nevada

Humble Restorations Air Duct Cleaning Services in North Las Vegas, Nevada, 89030

The reasons to keep your air ducts clean and we are the help you were searching for, for every step of the way! We are certified specialists in cleaning your air ducts with many years of experience. Most homeowners have no idea about the amount of dust that collects in their air ducts. But, the fact is, they can become littered with years of accumulated dust, debris and allergens, like pollen, dust and pet dander.

Here are some reasons to have your Air Ducts Cleaned

  • Allergies
  • Pets
  • New Addition to The Family (Baby)
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Smokers in the house
  • Remodeling Work
  • Moving into a new home, condo, or apartment
  • So that you may breathe fresher indoor air

Industry standards recommend that you have your air ducts inspected every two years for cleanliness, and have them cleaned, on average, every five to seven years. Of course, this will vary with the conditions in your home.

By having your air ducts cleaned on regular basic, you’ll help improve the indoor air quality in your home, and optimize the efficiency of your heating and/or cooling system, which may reduce energy bills.

Our Process

  • Our expert technicians thoroughly pre-check your home’s air duct system. You will be informed of the air duct cleaning services needed, and the cost of the service, before the service will be executed.
  • Our qualified team will clean all registers/grilles, and the entire air duct system using a powerful vacuum along with specialized equipment.
  • As needed, areas will be zoned off to ensure that the entire system is cleaned adequately.
  • All dirt and debris is removed to our containment system.
  • Our qualified technicians will put the air duct system back together and clean up any remaining debris in the work area. Our process perfectly follows the guidelines of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

Crawl Space Cleanup in North Las Vegas, Nevada

Humble Restorations Crawl Space Cleanup in North Las Vegas, Nevada

Water in a crawl space under your condo can contribute to damage including mold, fungi and rot which can cause major structural damage as well as health problems for you and those around you. Mold, mildew and bacterial growth are some of the major health concerns associated with a wet crawl space.

Standing water or wet soil in your house’s crawlspace can arrive from a variety of sources including:

  • A leaking freshwater supply line
  • Leaking sewer drain line
  • Naturally high groundwater.
  • By over watering plants around your house
  • Sprinklers spraying through the crawlspace vents.
  • Leaking swimming pools
  • Improperly directed gutter downspouts.
  • Flooding

Standing water or extremely damp soil in your house’s crawlspace can be the start a variety of structural problems and health issues as well. And also, a lot of humidity caused by the evaporation of standing water or wet soil in your crawl space can be source of mold to grow on the wooden foundation and at the very bottom of the flooring. It also causes warping of sub flooring and mold growth in the living room areas of your house. Moisture along with organic material makes up the perfect recipe for mold and rot. Your crawl space in your house is a haven for moisture that means the wood underneath your house is at incredible risk for structural damage and dangerous mold. The necessary prevention starts with eliminating the moisture. All of these issues can be cause of unhealthy indoor air quality levels.

Our Process

  • Assessment & inspection
  • Remediate and decontaminate the areas
  • Cleanup and repair of areas
  • Moisture level testing
  • Flood & excess water removal

By using our careful process, Humble Restorations can be the real help you were searching for! Get help today with our skilled team at North Las Vegas.

We have the skills and experience to properly cleanup and restore your crawl space to original conditions! We use a moisture strategy which detects excess quantity and removes mold, fungi and other dangerous effects associated with a wet crawl space.

Sewage Cleanup in North Las Vegas, Nevada

Humble Restoration is your top choice in North Las Vegas, Nevada, 89030 for all of your sewage cleanup problems!

Sewage backups and bathroom related liquid problems can not only be horrible to deal with but also spread toxic smells throughout your condo. And also, sewage backups can create structural troubles and can also create severe health issues. The longer the area is contaminated, the more potential the bacteria have to develop and grow which can lead to serious health troubles.

If you have sewage problems in your apartment, it’s important to take care of it immediately! Our professional specialists are experienced and trained for every issue you might have and have worked with thousands of homeowners to resolve their problems. Reduce your health hazard, structural problems and cleanup costs by having care of your sewage issue right away!

Our Process

North Las Vegas, Nevada sewage backup cleaning & restoration includes:

  • Assessment of sewage damage
  • Extracting water from sewer
  • Drying moisture damage
  • Contamination of area
  • Structure and content restoration
  • Deodorizing of area
  • Control of Mildew, fungi and of noxious odors
  • Full sanitation work
  • Direct billing to insurance
  • Competitive pricing!

Humble Restorations is the top sewage backup cleaning expert throughout North Las Vegas! We are available 24/7, and use just professional equipment to bring your area back to original conditions.

We have the skills and experience to properly cleanup and restore your sewage area to original conditions!

Plumbing Water Damage in North Las Vegas, Nevada

North Las Vegas, Nevada, 89030 Plumbing Water Damage Restoration Services

A leaking pipe may cause remarkable damage to your apartment or commercial property. Broken pipes are often not discovered when the issue starts which creates more damage to your property.

If you have water damage caused by bad plumbing, Humble Restorations in North Las Vegas, Nevada can supply you with both a plumber and a water damage professional team to solve your issue. When disaster arrives, it’s required to have a professional plumber and water damage professional and we give you the answer for both. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge in water damage restoration to make sure that your property is brought back to original condition and that any problems that arose from bad plumbing are eliminated.

Our Services

  • Burst pipes
  • Leaking pipes
  • Water damage caused by plumbing
  • Full water damage services

We have the skills and experience to properly cleanup and restore your sewage area to original conditions!

Hardwood Floor Cleaning in North Las Vegas, Nevada

Humble Restorations Hardwood Floor Cleaning in North Las Vegas, Nevada, 89030

Wood floors water damage can be very ruinous for homeowners. Our professionals can help if your hardwood floors have experienced water damage however and bring it back to a beautiful pre-loss condition. Whether your water damage is due to flooding from indoors, or other problems, we can handle all kind of situations!

Mold can also be a problem if you’ve experienced water damage on your hardwood floors so it is very important to have a expert team working to mediate the trouble as soon as possible because the longer a water damaged floor is left unattended the increased likelihood of mold growth. With the increased awareness of mold related illnesses today, it becomes very imperative to detect and remove any mold in your home.

Quick, thorough and cost effective! We are available 24/7 to make sure that we’re able to rush to your assistance!

Our Services

North Las Vegas, Nevada, 89030 services include:

  • First, we make a thorough visual survey and inspection of the damaged property, including any water or mold damage as well as odors that may have arise.
  • We deodorize to eliminate traces of odors in the environment of your home or office.
  • We extract water from your hardwood floors and remove mold.

Cleanup and removal of damaged materials

We have our offices in below cities as well